Where I eat

People who live together in the same dormitory in Zurich as me, you know that I cook very often. I do so for saving money and good time. Therefore, everyday I bring a lunch box with me and have supper at home. I cook once in 1-2 days at night and use it for the next meals (This sequence was suggested by my good friend Noboru).

 Going out for eat is not expensive at all in Japan (if you compare to Zurich!! ). It costs around 3 to 6 Euros for lunch if it is a kind of a junk food. But if you calculate it for everyday… say 5 Euro x 2 times/day x 20 days = 200 Euros/month. It is not that cheap.


In the freezer, many foods such as cooked rice, curry paste, some chinese foods are preserved.

Also my private kitchen is perfect.


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