Excursion guide book

One of my hobbies in Tokyo is to take a one-day trip to countryside. I have a very powerful partner which ensures a success/fun trip.

– Excursion guide book –

My favorite good guide book is called "One-day walking", "日帰りウォーキング" in Japanese. I like this book for the following reasons:

1. Many attractive goals with easy access from Tokyo
You can choose one place out of 50 different places, all of which are close to region. Their charasteristic are vary such as mountain, ocean coast, flower parks.

2. Just follow the well-organized course

Once you reach the starting point of each place by train or bus, the guide begins. What you have to do there is already listed on the book, such as "Go straight until ocean coast. You will meet the wonderful view from there.", "The restaurant on the courner is very good. You should order the lunch set B." and so on. The course is organized pretty good so that people by foot can enojoy the trip with minimum effort.

Here is some pictures from the book. An only problem you may encounter is… it is in Japanese.

A picture of the guide book

and the picture there taken by Junji a few months ago

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