Chiba, Boso-peninsula (千葉県房総半島)

(The last article about exkursions.. I hope, not many readers are bored about my trip story 😉 )

Chiba prefecture is a neighbouring prefecture to Tokyo. A typical image of Chiba is a bedroom suburb for its good access to the centre of Tokyo (less than 1.5 hours by train). However, did you also know that Chiba-prefecture is a good place to feel nature? Sure, neither did I. But my favorite book recommended it as a worth visiting place.

I was so interested in it, therefore I planned a three-day trip during a weekend holiday in the beginning of October with my girlfriend Naoko. We also brought our friends in Zurich time, Andr? and Milena who are eager to experience countryside of Japan.

– One double room with Dinner & Breakfast inclusive, 2 nights


14,000 Yen/night x 2 nights = 28,000 Yen

– 3 day free ticket in Boso-peninsula region inclusive the path from Tokyo


7,500 Yen/person x 2 = 15,000 Yen

– Others e.g. lunches, entrance fees

10,000 Yen


53,000 Yen = 400 Euro for 2 persons

Was that cheap or not? Well, yes it is. You will tell it if you see the next photos…

View from Nokogiri Mt.

Dinner on 1st day

takes 5 mins. to the coast from Hotel

View from an unknown Mountain

Dinner on 2nd day

Pacific ocean horizon

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