Reasons for working in Japan

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“Why did I decide to come back to work in Japan?”

One of the most closest people around me asked this question to me last year.

A bit difficult question though, I will show my answer. Comments and your thoughts are very appreciated.

Here are the answers:

1. Good job offer at a good point in time
There exists an interesting qualification for students in Japanese job market: "Shinsotsu, 新卒", "newly graduated student". Most of the company (< 90%) seek only the students with this qualification. You can get it when you graduate from university in March and can work from April. The qualification will be unvalid when you do not start working in April. I don’t explain you the detail cause it is so stupid. Well, but, I got this qualification and a job offer. I just accepted it.

2. Experience in the industry world
While I was studying theoretic physics at ETH Zurich, I was not totally sure where my ability and skill are contributed to. However, at my company I can acquire skills in computer programming, architecture and technology in real scene. Such computer knowledge should be important for our information technology society. I know, I am now far from physics.

3. My home country, Japan
Although Switzerland is a beautiful and very comfortable city for me, I still missed my home country Japan. There are many things which are hardly obtained in Switzerland, such as fresh fish, hot spring, ocean coast and easy access to friends and family in Japan. I loved good research environment and the world-most comfortable city, but the home was more.

As a conclusion; My decision was right. However I am not saying my current situation and company is good. I sometime regret myself whether I should have spent more effort to find a PhD position in Switzerland. Else more, I have many many complaints on Japanese society and company! Well, please wait for the next blog entries…

By the way, why did you choose your current situation as you are? I would like to hear from you.

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