My interests these days

First of all, I am fine. I go to office everyday and work about 8 hours daily.

My life here in Yokohama is generally good. However the life is unclear you know. For my future career opportunity I still try to acquire additional skill and knowledge.

– Study economics

I have been reading an introduction book to economics written by Mankiw since last two months. The book is intended to be read by freshman student. It is very easy readable. I read the book 1 hour everyday, namely, I will finish reading it in a few month.

By learning economics, I come to know how the capitalized society functions. It is like, my sight has different than before. I am a big-picture people!

– Read NYtimes blogs instead of reading Japanese media site

The New York Times is one of my favorite news site. Although I am not a quick reader in English, but this site offers very wide varieties of topics which are very interesting, I cannot stop reading them. Additionally, I do not believe the neutrality of the Japanese media. They tend to have bias on particular politician and party (which I dislike). If I see the opinions from outside, namely NYtimes, I can see what is going on in our society from the neutral view.

These days, I am focusing on the blog collection written mainly by journalists at the site. The topics here also vary very wide, from arts to news, sports. There, you can see the opinion by the readers and can even submit your opinion.

– Enjoy art, culture

Classical music is one of very sophisticated works that past people have left. Life is not long enough to get in touch with everything, but I am interested in these works so that I become culturally rich person. I am just curious how human being was excellent.

– Do everything in the train

"iPod touch + Bluetooth keyboard"

That makes it possible.

I type my answer to economics exercise problems on iPod.

I read blogs on iPod.

I type this blog on iPod.

Oh, I am working at a different mobile phone company…

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