What is the happiness for you?

According to a recent statistical research in at Princeton University, the increase in income should bring less happiness for the people having over 75,000 USD/year. If you have that amount of money in Japan, you are not very rich but you can buy a Japanese standard house, small cars, and can raise your kids in your life.


What the research saying is, the income increase inhibits you to gain happiness from money. Interesting contraction!

The research should still be a hypothesis level though, I totally agree with that. Then, what does bring you happiness? As I recall my happy experiences, many of them have got to do somehow with human beings and nature. I felt happy when…

– I see beautiful nature

– I met old friends

– I fell in love with a girl (my wife now)

– I spend a calm happy weekend with my wife

There are others which I cannot derive from the hypothesis such as,

– Happiness of getting a good score in exams

– Happiness of coming vacation

– Achieve anything

I keep on thinking about this problem though, I almost decided not to head to being rich person but happy person.

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