“Life plan for Japanese engineers”

I should have known the book earlier.
(Original title: Toudai de oshieta shakaijingaku)

This books describes what is the life picture of a Japanese engineer’s life. That says the following.

Typical example:
A student graduated from the bachelor degree at a good university:
22y/o: Join a company
22y/0 – 25y/o: OTJ period, no evaluation, no promotion
25y/o: Evaluation start
28y/o: Project leader; You are either "higher manager candidate" or "else".
35y/o: Moving onto management side, not anymore on technical side
42y/o: 5% of the same generation have chance to become an executive
56y/o: Retire or higher executive

This example of history is more or less ambiguous because it interests mostly "successful people", who could become a higher manager. This comes from the fact that getting old withouts a management skill is seen as unsuccessful, therefore this is not described. Additionally I will tell you that age is still a useful gauge in Japan to judge whether to give people promotion.
I would like to conclude that this life plan will be remained in the Japanese company’s mind for a while.  I know that the bigger the company is, the more difficult it is to change the system.

I also would like to emphasize that there is no successful career path exept the example above. Keeping the profession as technical expert is still very rare case in Japan.

Anyway, this book taught me a lot.

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