Why I like the “weekend” so much

(It is already Sunday though, I will post my Friday post.)

Yes, I am writing this blog on the way home on the train, and it is Friday today! I can’t help imaging the hiking tomorrow…

My brain is now filled with only this thought. However I decided to give a few thoughts why I really love the weekend. It is not totally logical but people like the using number "3" to explain something, so I will list the 3 reasons why I like the weekend.

(1) I have been longing for the weekend since Monday morning.

— Yes, therefore I have had the weekend planned since that day. You know, if you think about the weekend again and again, you come to long for it more.

(2) Cooking, hiking, watching movies, borrowing new books from the library, going shopping, swimming, …

— These are my hobbies that I really enjoy but cannot do on weekdays. I like coding too but I do not like to do it on a weekend. People enjoy doing something they rarely can.

(3) Spending 48 hours without pause with my wife.

— I am too shy to express my feeling here.

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