I am fine after earthquakes

On 11th March 2011, many things around me changed. Let me list them:

– Frequent quakes everyday, say 3-4 times a day

– Air is polluted slighted by radioactive iodine and cesium

– Water is also contaminated by the same substances

– The lack of energy supply from the nuclear plant at Fukushima is causing everyday’s blackout for three hours to manage electricity among whole east Japan area.

– Product shortages in supermarkets such as milk, toilet paper, bottle water, battery, light

– 30% of our foreign coworkers at my company fled Japan to their country.

– Logistic service is working with long delay

– Transportation system around Tokyo area is fine except the blackout time blocks in certain areas

– Many of amusement parks, swimming pools, anything people love to go on weekend are closed due to the electricity shortage

Yes, we are in a critical situation. I am thinking of fleeing the country, but it is difficult for working condition reasons. At least we Tokyo people are not in danger of contamination by the radiation yet, YET.

As a conclusion, let me quote one phrase from a Japan’s representative movie director Takeshi KITANO:

"It is not correct to describe this accident as one tragedy that killed thousands of people. This accident made thousands of tragedies to which thousands of thousands of people commit."

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