A week post from 27.March-03.April

(Photo in the original blog post will be available soon: junjis.wordpress.com)

03.April.2011. (Sunday)

My wife is playing the oboe in the background while I am writing this post. Though this nuclear power plant disaster does not show any improvement, I have nothing to do except spending calm life here. Today I’ve been summarizing the diary of this week. I didn’t write anything about the disaster but just daily matters. Please enjoy them.

This weekend I: swam, walked in the forest park nearby, watched the movies, cooked, shopped, drank, studied.

28.March.2011. (Monday)

It has been a long while since I wrote the last diary. It seems to me it is hard stick to this habit. Today I’ve started it once again.

29.March.2011. (Tuesday)

"Nobu Cantabile" by Tsujii Itsuko

I started reading a new book on the train every morning. In this book a true success story of one blind pianist Nobuyuki is told by his mother. Today I found an interesting description about a professional musician: "Becoming a professional musician resembles climbing up a high hill. When you make the best effort you may reach a higher point. However there is no easy way to return."

By the way, I bought a digital single-lens reflex camera, Sony NEX-3d. I had thought it would be easy to take a good picture with this high quality camera, but I was wrong. There are lots of factors to consider such as composition, colors, shutter speed, etc. Anyway I am enjoying learning these new things.

30.March.2011. (Wednesday)

"Nobu Cantabile" by Tsujii Itsuko

I’ve found this book is interesting in terms of the development of handicapped children and the power of music. Since his mother quickly embraced his blindness handicap, she decided to teach the piano from ears only. This method worked perfectly for him therefore his ears developed extraordinary. I cannot imagine how he interpretes music from his ears.

01.April.2011. (Friday)

"Nobu Cantabile" by Tsujii Itsuko

I finished reading the book 「のぶカンタービレ」. Nobuyuki is truly a talented piano player but it would have been difficult if his mother had not supported him so powerfully. His success was not managed solely by him but by many supporters surrounding him. He overcame the blindness handicap and made it into one of his advantages. He seems to tell a lot more things from sound than most people do.

This way of thinking may be very important to us as well. We should not be depressed by our own disadvantages. We always have chances to turn it into the opposite direction i.e. the greater advantage.

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