A week post from 4.April-10.April


During the weekend, we watched 3 traveling guide programs on TV. The places are Genova in Italy, Hawaii islands, and Zurich in Switzerland. Both I and my wife have common good memories there so we were watching them happily. After finished them, however, I had some sort of nostalgic emotion. While we were living there, we missed Japan so much. But I now have noticed that we loved the places there, especially Zurich.


“Kingdom – Andromeda heights vol.1” by Yoshimoto Banana

Yesterday I started to read a new novel. This novel depicts a love story of a girl working as an assistant by one blind fortuneteller with a special skill. She loves him.

I’ve already read 3 to 4 works by this author last one year but I myself did not choose to read them the books but my wife did it. We go to the library every month and borrow 6 new books each. My wife tends to pick novels, and I tend to pick up books from diverse topics. It is very interesting to read the books she chose because I can read many books that I wouldn’t have met if alone.

I wrote the upper part of this diary this morning. Now I am on the way to home and finished reading the book. The main character Kaede insisted to his lover man that “I like this vague but close relationship with her as if we were teenagers. I am comfortable to be with her”. I personaly experienced this feeling but I like it somehow. Anyway, this book was a typical mysterious love story. I admire her descriptive writing style that depicts character’s feeling and mind so well.


flexibility: the ability to make changes or to deal with a situation that is changing
(Source: Macmillan English dictionary)

I like the concept of flexibility; nevertheless, to cope with a situation that you cannot deal with being flexible, you have to fit something into a frame. Well, I am gonna talking about the working circumstances in Japan from a flexibility aspect.

Fortunately our company is wise enough to enjoys a flexible working hours system. That is, it does not matter how long hours you have been present at office but does matter how productive you have been today. If every company and organization introduced this system, then everybody would be happy so that people can spend their time as they like. But this is not the case in Japan. Most companies would like to feel relief by working hours instead of productivity. Productivity is unseen but you can see working hours; easy to control. In my opinion, to make things better, each member must be capable of work independently towards a right direction and the management team also must be capable of controlling the members by establishing a good measurement system of productivity.

I believe this hypothesis: the wiser organizations are, the more flexible in anything they are.


“Hachi’s last girlfriend” by Yoshimoto Banana

Even though I am reading one of Banana’s novels again, this book has a completely different world. The main character is a teenager girl living together with a boy. They used to live with one another girl – his ex-girlfriend and also a good friend of her – but she died by a bike crush. They seem to be almost in a relationship but I cannot tell it precisely yet in this middle of the story.

Now it is already Thursday. My wife took a day off today in her oboe work. I really don’t like that I will have to attend a meeting from 7pm tonight.


“Hachi’s last girlfriend” by Yoshimoto Banana

After I read the epilogue, I realized that the main theme of the book is a truth love in solely one person. I felt very closely when the main character let her boyfriend go to his home country. She cried bitterly, she could not do anything.

When I spend the last together moment with Naoko 2 years ago in Frankfurt airport, we both cried like that way. It was not like that we wouldn’t meet forever but for us that was the ending moment of our together life.

That hard time made our relationship stronger, that is a good point.



We haven’t seen a film from the cable TV programs even though we are paying for it! This Saturday, my wife found this film from 9pm. Our favorite theatre night!

The main character Alex moved to a lake house in Chicago. In front of the house, there exists a mailbox which turns out to be a connection to the world two years ahead of his world. The Kate, who lives in the future world, also realizes what is happening with this mailbox through the letters from Alex. Through the letter exchanges, they gradually fall in love each other…

Such kind of parallel world theme often leaves me unconvinced feelings by the story contradiction. However, this was not the case on this film. The film cut out just good moments so that the attention is not yanked by inconsistent details but could concentrate on the beautiful love story only.

I and my wife like this film very much. We wish the film is broadcasted again. In the beginning of the eipisode we could not get the story well for the complex settings.

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