A week post from 11.April-17.April


“Microeconomics”, Joseph E, Stiglitz

I bought a textbook in microeconomics last Saturday. You may know it or not, I’ve come to be interested in economics since I started to work two years ago. I would like to understand the mechanism of circulating money around the world simply with curiousity.
I have a friend who is a PhD student in Game Theory. For my goal to grasp the picture of economics, he suggested me to study microeconomics after finishing the basics of economics so I did it. Starting from the small thing will eventually heads to the big pictures -microeconomics to macroeconomics -, this is exactly the same relation of statistical mechanics and thermodynamics.

Now I’ve been reading it but I am almost falling asleep by this heavy book… interesting though… well, I won’t read it now but maybe tonight.


Nothing special to write. It is a sunny day today. I’ve started to think about a weakened plan. By the way, this microeconomics book is a big one; it consists of 770 pages that has 16 chapters. Even though some chapters are recap for me from the last book, I am reading them as well shortly. Observing a same topic but from a different aspect must be important to grasp the concept of something better.

Now I am on the way home. There is breaking news: next week I may have a business trip to China, Beijing, where another development site locates. During that time period, I will ask Naoko to stay at her parent’s house since there’s no meaning to stay alone in Yokohama: She has already taken a vacation for the next week in case.


“Ikigai – Treasure in Life” by GLAY

It’s a Friday night, my most loving day! I am on the way home and listening to this music. I recall memories in Switzerland and student life in Hokkaido when I listen to this music.

First of all, I won’t have a business trip next week. Half happy, happy sad feelings.

It was a terrible night last Wednesday. I don’t usually go to a company party since it is usually expensive (~40 Euro), and I like to eat supper at home. What made me go this time was that the party gathered higher responsible members in our project. I felt proud of myself that I am also involved such kind of members there.
However, I just simply drank too much. Next day I had a terrible headache, i.e. hand-over.

“Kitchen” by Yoshimoto Banana

The novel is a sweet love story starting from friendship. Their relationship is strange and the family structure is very awkward though, their common place kitchin is where the calm time flows.

I could not spend much time on reading novels but spent time on microeconomis books this week. Studying is interesting though, I think I am losing my artistic and literary sense.

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