About a new feature in my blog



I came a cross a nice website which connects blogs round the globe, that is "NetworkedBlogs". I’ve been blogging for me and my real friends who ‘like’ my blog in Facebook. Thank you Assiya, Benny, Yuji, Hemanth, Jabed for reading my blog! At this moment, I’ve decided to let my blog swim in the broad blog-ocean so that I can share knowledges and experiences with other unknown people as well. By doing so, I will be more motivated to write a blog post.

As a first improvement – and probably the last – I will put more pictures and a corresponding link to them in each post. When you click the picture of a book cover, you will jump to that product in amazon. Also when you click my personal picture, you will jump to my photo album in flickr. By doing so, my readers will be able to enjoy favorite things more easily!

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