A week post from 18.April-24.April


An old shopping street near our apartment

Last Saturday, I and my wife visited one of my relatives. The husband there is a younger brother of my grandmother. We’ve never met last 15 years thought, the grandmother had suggested me to have a connection each other since we are at a distance of just 5km. So we made it this time.

They are very kind family. Luckily they are fond of beer like me, we had a lot of alcohol that night. We brought our photo albums so that they learn more about us. I would like to visit them again because we can feel family at the walking distance.

"Facebook photo album with iPhotos"

I used to use "Koffeephoto" so that I can share photos easily with my friends. Still I like its low-price but good print service. However I am thinking of moving to the another combination. iPhoto has a very nice photo uploading feature to Facebook.

"Something, something"

I realized that it is easy to keep a diary with a certain object at the beginning. I think my diary became more fun, at least for me. And also, this method gives some sort of consistency in writing. As you know, this is a way how usual writers make their works!


"Flickr, Facebook, simple photo uploading"

I’ve been pondering how to upload photos fitting best for my blog. My wish features are;

1. It is as easy as the simple photo uploading method in my blog manager software Qumana.
2. Any readers without user accounts can view the photos.
3. Readers can jump to the corresponding photo album if they become interested in.

1. –> Flickr and Facebook
2. –> Flickr
3. –> Flickr and Facebook

"GLAY", a Japanese pop rock group

"Pure soul", GLAY

I’ve mentioned the name last week but I will write further on the subject. I have their songs stuck in my head now. I’ve been thinking about why their music recalls my student life. I’ve got an answer: Karaoke! Yes, I used to go to sing in the karaoke in-between lectures with my good friend Keisuke and Takahiro. Sometime we stayed overnight in a karaoke room and sang without pause. Pleasant time…

# At that time, GLAY used to be one of the most favorite music groups among young generation. I like their songs for their good melodies, and the easiness to sing.
¬†All of my memories are treasure to me. I feel happy when I recall the old days. However it does not mean that the past time is better than the present. Now I am having the best moment. But the best of the best will be coming tomorrow. I just don’t want to forget my good memories.


Yesterday it rained heavily. We did not go outside and stayed whole day at home. Today, the weather recovered to a sunny day. I and my wife will soon go to swimming, eat outside lunch to regain energy. Directly after them we go to the library and shopping. I am sure we will not buy lots like we did last week (see picture). The vacation is getting closer and closer (4 days) !

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