Travel diary in the Golden Week (2011.April-May)

“Looking back the trip”

It takes always time to revise the blog text and I usually procrastinate to publish them. So this time I will publish them without revising! Better than nothing:-)

junji_s' 2011-GW-blog photoset junji_s’ 2011-GW-blog photoset

2011.May.3.(Tuesday, Golden Week 5/10)
“Travel to Kyushu through Shikoku – day 1-”
Arriving at Miyazaki

I am in a hotel room in Matsuyama now. My wife’s father drives the car and the rest of us are sleepingr. Tonight we are staying in the middle of the destination, Matsuyama. The whole schedule including tonight has 5 days and the total traveling distance will be over 1000 kilo-meter by car and ferry.

Google map
The traffic jam today was a bit hard. Because of a car accident at some places, trafic lanes got fewer. But finally we were able to eat our favorite udon in Shikoku. I am sure I will gain weight after the whole trip.
It’s almost 10 pm. We’re gonna go to bed soon since we must be off tomorrow at 6 am hotel. Our ferry to Kyushu is at 8:30.

2011.May.5.(Thursday, Golden Week 7/10)
“Travel to Kyushu through Shikoku – day 2-”
Meeting with my wife’s relatives

The whether was not good, but we were happy that we could go to so holy place that even our Tennou (Japanese Emperor) often visits and pray.

You get 5 small stones there. When you through it and see your luck whether it falls into a small pond 10 meters away. I managed it at the first shot!

We walked around Obi-city. The lanes of traditional houses with a kawara-roof were beautiful.

Then we joined my wife’s family gathering there.

We took a taxi on the way to hotel. I talked with the driver about his favorite local restaurant. I could see that he loves his place very much.

This area, namely the whole Miyazaki-prefecture, was suffered from a pandemic disease for cows, which ended up with the disposal of 100,000 cows last year. However I could see the power. I am happy that I could visit the place there.

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