A week post from 20.April-26.April

We will be off to my wife’s parents home again this week because I am invited to a wedding reception of a friend. Before I am away from an internet connection, let me post my old diary with picture here.

“A slice of my mind”

I came across an interesting blog yesterday. The blogger is in Seattle and is keeping a diary to note her daily matters. Oh, I think I’ve seen such a blog somewhere… Anyway, her description goes further. Here’s some excerpt from her blog:

But I think every day is a one to be cherished. There is usually something that brings out a strong emotion in me during the course of the day. If I didn’t write it down, if I didn’t blog it…that “little slice of life” if you will, would easily be forgotten.
Source: Why I blog
Her motivation to keeping a blog resembles to mine very well. Since I felt so happy to see such a blog, I will send her an E-mail to request to put her blog link in my blog.

(I am writing the following part on 30.April.)
…. some days later, she kindly replied to my message and accepted my request to add a link to her blog in my page and excerpt the text above. Thank you very much Susan! This is the first time that I met through blogs and could contact each other. I hope that I can share more experience and feelings through blogs.

The holiday season is just around the corner! We will be on consecutive 10 days vacation from Friday, which we call Golden Week. Different holidays are put in the same season intentionally and accidentally by the former government.

I took a half day off today, to support my wife’s volunteer concert at a nursery house. We have been doing this work monthly since last November. Our primary motivation is to make everybody happy. The elder people there seem to be happy to listen to the real music from the oboe. I do a lot too. Also my wife also enjoys playing music in front of many people.

It has passed two days since “my” blog appeared in NetworkedBlogs. I haven’t got any new readers yet, but I will continue to blog.


If you get time for 10 minutes, I will recommend you to watch this presentation at TED. This is one of the best presentations that I’ve ever seen.

‘Challenge to our ingenuity’
‘An insect found a good solution in a resource-constrained environment’

We consume a lot, dispose a lot. This is what-he-called the one-linear model. I am more or less a environment friendly person. I give my best effort to distinguish burnable garbage with plastic garbage. Still I feel guilty when I think about the further step of them. They will be just burned and buried on the ground.

You know, we are living on a small planet, the Earth. The planet does not hold infinite resource in the ground: the resource will be died out in many decades/centuries later. Yes, people should start to realize this fact.

“Horie Takafumi”

‘The world is so irrational. Well, I just have to be in jail after one month for 2 years’

That is what our media coverage reported. The excerpt is unfairly short and the citizens will surely believe he is a bad man. What he actually said was,

‘Even if our fraud were true, their punishment to me is unfair. But the world is unfair and irrational, we have to admit this fact. What I can do is to send messages about the irrationality in this world.’
Source: His interview today

The former CEO of Livedoor, an internet media service company, was arrested today after the long process. His name is Horie Takafumi, 99.99% of young people know him for his strong message to Japanese society. I personaly think the punishment to him is unfairly too much by comparing with other similar criminals by other companies whereby nobody is arrested.

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