A week post from 24.May-25.May


"the Internet"

情報科学がどうしてしばしばコンピュータに直結するのか、それはコンピュータが情報を処理し伝播するからである。だからこれは厳密にはcomputer science とは異なる。

A small column in the microeconomics book tells how great the advent of Amazon.com was. It says, the new shopping system enables to buy any products without going to stores. Yes, this is a shopping evolution. I am thinking about other evolutions caused by the internet. I am sure there are more missing combinations beyond blows, which even nobody has ever seen.

Internet + Shopping = Amazon
Internet + Friendship = Facebook, Email
Internet + Newspaper = Yahoo! New, Google News
Internet + Music = iTunes
Internet + Photos = Flickr
Internet + Telephone = Skype
Internet + Education = eLearning
Internet + Television = Youtube
Internet + Radio = Podcast
Internet + Diary = blog
Internet + Mind = twitter

However, when I look at the formulas below, I am still doubting the legitimacy of them, i.e. the internet does not fulfill the best solution.

Internet + Travel = Google map? I rather want to be in the place.
Internet + Poverty = (not that famous… I know only kiva.org)
Internet + Love = (hope nothing)


I am almost falling asleep now in the train. Spending a weekend outside our home makes me tired, even though I by myself scheduled so:

Last weekend: by my parents
Last^2 weekend: by my wife’s parents
Last^3 weekend: on a trip in Miyazaki
Last^4 weekend: by my wife’s parents

Now I am looking forward to the coming usual weekend, on which we will swim, go shopping, and cooking.


Last Saturday, I visited my uncle in Sapporo. He told me about the last gubernational election. One of the controversial topic in the election was TPP, the Trans Pacific strategic economic Partnership, which enables tariff free international trades among those enrolled countries. Since the large amount of population is farmer in Hokkaido, they see TPP as a threat in their work. Farmers don’t want other countries to intervene in their food market. For me and my uncle, it seems obvious that we must enroll in the association by the strong pressure from the government. However, none of the local politicians, namely the governor candidates, does not have such a wide view. They are thickheaded. They appealed themselves by showing all different kinds of strategy to avoid TPP.

Finally, my uncle could not decide who to vote so he gave up to vote. In my opinion, it is obligation to go to election and vote somebody. In this sense, what he did is not the best solution to show his opinion and he could have chosen the best from the worsts. However, well, I understand his mind.

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