A weekend post on 2011.June.5.(Sunday)

A weekend post on 2011.June.5.(Sunday)

"Jike-cho, Yokohama"

It was so nice weather on Satuday that I and my wife spontaneously decided to go somewhere. The plan was arose on 10AM… it was too late to go far. So our destination today became incide our city Yokohama.

We traveled almost one hour by train and bus, we arrived at Jike-cho.

There is huge rice field in this area. Also I could feel the beautiful air from the forest, mountains.

I was there to take photos of the beatiful nature. I even brought a book "how to take good pictures of nature". I noticed it will be a tough load…

An old man planting rice feeds using a car

An old man planting rice seeds by hands

Oh, did he plant them so straight in this field? I was suspecting it but

the footprints showed the truth. Amazing!

By the time around 50 years ago, there were many such areas all over Yokohama-city. However they started to disappear after the Japanese post war miracle, the industrial evolution in Japan. But the people in Jike-cho strongly worked on preserving the farm culture. Finally this town is now renowend for the rare beautiful farm land in Yokohama, which is actually not that rare for me from  Hokkaido though.

# Other photos besides the story

Visiting cars to Jike-cho which were made by our industrial evolution


Tasty Ungagi from Shizuoka for 1,300 Yen

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