A weekday post on 2011.August.5.

music in brain

I think the world is so complicated. Even the position of atoms and electrons cannot be detected exactly, which compose all subjects including human beings. Their presence is described only by probabilistic ways (wave functions).

Well, I just recalled my physics memory…

I will echo it again: The world is so complicated that we cannot find an exact answers for many problems; the problems about human relationships, work, research, etc. Even when we confront with unsolvable problems, however, we have to reach compromise but good solutions. In my opinion, you will need artistic sense to reach as good solutions as possible. You have to choose important one factor of infinite factors to consider, from your experience and feeling. This is I would say similar to music composition. There is no answer for music composition, but some composer creates good music but some not.

What I wanted to say today is, I like this music now. If you have time to spend, please listen this music by Ludwig August Lebrun. He is not a super famous composer but the music is so nice. I jus came across this beautiful oboe track in my huge iTunes library.

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