A weekday post on 2011.August.24.(Wednesday)

I am so happy that I have never worried about weekend plans in this summer. The happy time is still going on!

July 4th weekend @ Nagano and Gifu (middle Japan): Beginning of a 5 days trip through mountains

August 1st weekend @ Hyogo (west Japan): At my wife’s parents home. We went for a short excursion for trecking.

August 2nd weekend @ Tokyo Disney Land: Keisuke and Yukko’s visit to my home in Yokohama. We went together to the dream land.

August 3rd weekend @ Atami and Yokohama: 1 day excursion to Atami with Keisuke and Yukko & Going to a memorial concert where our friend Kanau plays the violin

August 4th weekend @ Hokkaido (north Japan): My grandfather’s memorial birthday at his age of 88

August 5th weekend @ Nagoya (west Japan): Saturday Night Fever! We will spend 2 days with students-hood friends from Fukuoka, Gifu, Hokkaido.

<To be uploaded soon>

September 1st weekend @ Hokkaido: Visiting for family matters and drinking with local friends there

<To be uploaded soon>

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