A weekend post on 2011.August.28.

I went to Tokyo Disney Sea in my second time. But the park showed me an absolutely different face than before.

This time our company (Keisuke and Yukko) lead us where to go in the park, because they know about it better than us. Then the park on this day made me aware of how different the park is looked. Two years ago when only our couple went, we got on a lot of rides there. but this time, we rather enjoyed shows and concerts. It was a lot of fun. Our friends showed us that the park is not for kids but also for adults who enjoy the theatre.

A week later, we went to the library to meet new books (which is our monthly plan to go). This time, I came across two authors who introduce totally different Japanese worlds.

The first author is a chef of a so-called sushi academy which trains people to become a professional sushi cook (#1). In his book, he explained stories of how new sushi cooks overseas started their business and how the life is. Overall speaking, they love sushi and the place where they live e.g. Poland, Spain, Malaysia, Australia… etc.

The second author in mountains area in Nagano/Japan lives on his own crops and wines. On the other hand he appears to be a successful restaurant owner which locates next to his house and farm. Throughout the book he insists that he is not talented in business at all but just followed his way of life.

The worlds appeared in the books are unrepresentative for most of the Japanese people. But they are living on the same planet Earth, and even in the same country for me. Here I found a similarity with Tokyo Disney Sea. The park exists as Tokyo Disney Sea for everybody, but how it is looked and how people enjoy in it is up to you. Given a certain condition, you are always free to choose how you enjoy it even if other people do not understand the value of your choice. On the flip side, when you try to view a same matter from different perspectives, you might find another good faces of it. This is what the books and Tokyo Disney Sea taught me.

As a conclusion, apart from the main theme, let me point out one more similarity from the opposite direction. People come to Tokyo Disney Sea because they expect to enjoy the park. Also in our lives, we also expect fun and good things which are endless life goals for everybody. When you are too busy to think about rewards in your daily life, I will suggest you to think more about joyful, so that you will enjoy everyday more.

(#1) As you may know, sushi is now one of the most famous international food, not only for customers but also for business. Because of its low cost of investment at the beginning, loads of people from the world is coming to the academy to learn sushi.

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