Calm slow life in Bali island , 楽園の過ごし方



Having read the book "", I felt relaxed by the slowly passing time throughout the story. This might be because the book is not written in a elaborate manner but casual. It was right after the trip to Hawaii, December 2010.


Tourists from all over the world come to Bali island with different wishes. Calm and luxurious vacation in a rich hotel is typical for most of western people. Australian people use the island as their second home by renting an apartment months long and spend their time with a little flavor of local life. Most Japanese tourists have less days than a week, therefore their schedule is a little bit tight. In other word, however, they do a lot of sightseeings in spite of the short period.


We were looking to see beautiful ocean there. But the further planning made us aware of how diverse is the virtue of Bali. Yes, we also enjoyed the luxurious hotel, ocean, mountains, and the traditions.


The 10 days trip relaxed us by Gamelang music, wooden furniture, the nature, the mixture of them all.

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