Values matter

The borrowing books from the library today:

– The 30 Best Politics Books Politics
– The 100 Best Business Books of All Time
– Why People Get Tired?

“Oh my… I drew a business book on weekend…” But I made the choice, Junji Shimagaki on 27.November.2011. My values now matter. I want to read those books.

Your motivation toward one thing determines what you do next. I know that there are lot more fun places than the library, but I am leaning toward going there. I wanna understand the fundamentals of the world as much as I can do during my life. Quantum theory in physics taught me that the world is described by probability, not by a deterministic number. During my lately reading, economics is telling me the importance of opportunity costs and trade-off. Time and money that you spend losses another possibility that you might obtain. The work at Sony Ericsson now is a learning for me everyday: it is impossible to handle all the tasks existing, so prioritizing items is the important skill which I was not able to see in study. Study has no goal.

I would like to expand my world rather than wasting time, therefore I have an overwhelming preference over the library than a shopping centre. But, by no means am I blaming on people who are not in the library: your values matter!

Now I am turning around the 30 years old age (now 28 y/o and 2 months). Having kids in some years is inevitable (again, this is “my values”), and the time spending for kids is enormous. I will not be able to spend for myself like I am doing.

And, I am feeling fierce thankful to my parents that they raised me with so strong curiosity all the time.


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