Chess addict

I happened to talk about chess with my colleagues. It turned out that chess is fairly popular in their country (Bangladesh). I have a very nice chess board from Italy, which had been out of use since I bought. I brought it to the office last month, and now the lunch time chess is hot trend in our office.

As you might know, chess has a very long history spanning over 1500 years. Even though the game rule is very simple, the existing strategies and theories are just countless. I’ve started to read a book about the most famous opening theories. I’ve registered myself to some popular chess websites e.g. and, where I can play with online players and learn strategy: now I am truly chess addicted.

The inspiration that I have now resembles to the motivation to learn foreign languages. I found some similarities between them;
– I like to study something which has no end.
– The effort I give has a direct influence on the result.

But also, there are some unique features which I like in the game of chess:
– I need to use my brain a lot. On-going matches get stuck in my head all the time.
– The tense atmosphere cannot be experienced nowhere except playing chess against human.
– The theory is beautiful and perfect, which I admire a lot. (As I once studied NP problem at the university, I know how hard is it to find such perfect moves).

There are about 35 opening theories out of 40 left on me to learn. Very excited!

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