Chess addict 2

I am sorry but again I am going to deal with chess in this blog. Even though I subject myself to writing at least one different blog post every month, stemming from my new year’s resolution, now there’s only one thing that I can can come up with; chess.

(This February was an interesting month besides chess too. In Sapporo, I met with a college friend and going to water pipe. Also I went to a 4 days business trip to Sweden and it was fun. On the way, I met with a swiss-hood friend in CPH, etc.)

Since January, I’ve been a frequent player at, where I am now playing with 5 players. I have a chss opening theory book on hand and started to utilize some specific theories there. It works great. (Ruy Lopez, Caro Kann is my favorite at this moment.)

I am not fooling you but I would like to join one international competetion of chess match in future. Thus I became interested in top chess player’s mind and how they think. I borrowed two books by a Shogi (Japanese chess) player and by a Go player.

(Unfortunately chess is not widely popular in Japan, but the rule of Shogi is pretty much similar to the western chess.)

Let me quote some interesting phrases from the books. What they are saying does not sound about games but also life.

"Luck does not help in Shogi games. The weather does not matter. You matter only."

"Each move has reasons. Good games always have consistency."

"I’ve never been bored with Shogi because there are yet lots of mystery even after studying thousands of strategies."

Quoted from ‘Courage in challenges (挑戦する勇気)’ by Yoshiharu Habu

"It’s delusion that better players know about the games better; nobody knows about the future of the games."

Quoted from ‘Professional player’s mind (プロ棋士の思考術)’, by Norimoto Yoda

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