Childish nations – Why adults do not fight, but nations still fight?

Children fight each other to demand any small matters. When I was a kid, I used to fight even though I was not one of powerful kids. I did so because I couldn’t help myself to do it when anger bursted out from my mind. As you know every fight begins from stupid reasons: my friends denied me to borrow video games. / my friends called me a strange name. / my friends took strawberries from my lunch plate. / etc. I stopped fighting because it was not cool, it was painful each other, and these fighting experiences and teachers taught me the another better solution: to talk.

As for me, I quitted fighting at the age of 12.

But the bottom line is that, people still fight on behalf of national representatives. Soldiers murder children, elderly. Army destroy small towns by bombing. Well, if they had a clear sense of what they are doing as individuals, they would not kill somebody because killing is one of the worst taboos in the world. Are the soldiers fooling themselves that they are not abusing the taboos? Or are they simply too loyal to nations putting human life aside? No, they must simply believe they are doing the right things. But I am not compelled. Why such many adults in the world keep fighting…

Well, there’s an interesting quote from a conversation between two American novelists, Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald;

Flitzgerald: The rich are different from you and me.
Hemingway: Yes, they have more money.

I was introduced this quote in a lecture of "Solid State Physics", and this quote was compelling enough for me to understand why different physical laws must be applied to different scale of system. Now this quote can be applied to individuals and nations.

Individuals have kept developing morality since civilization. In the Middle Ages for example, many citizens robbed, murdered, but this is not the case now. Such an example demonstrates our drastic psychological improvement. But according to the Hemingway’s quote, this fact cannot always be applied to a different scale of system, that is a nation. In a real sense, nations consist of people. People have become wise enough to quit killing. However, the psychological age of nations have not caught up with individual’s one. Nations are yet like child or even infant, therefore they still kill.

I had a little thought of it after watching the film "Seven years in Tibet" where Brad Pitt plays the main actor’s role. This is a very rare film which deals with the "conflict" in Tibet. The politicians from the CHN government are very unpleasant. I hate them. In contrast, I have many good CHN friends. I was sad to see this one idiot example out of many idiot situations in the world how nations are too childish yet.

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