Discover your own strengths rather than weaknesses

Everybody likes different colors, different food, and has different strengths and weaknesses. But what usually happens is that, we do not admit this fact and try best effort to prepare people to be able to work in a given framework.

I don’t think that’s effective and fun. Why not do something that you like and do what you can do better?


The book I am reading now reinforced my thought.

"Now, discover your strengths", by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton

I first found the book in a book review where 100 best US business books are introduced. I was inspired by the book content and borrowed the book from the library. Having read until the middle part, I promptly decided to buy that. It’s pretty rare for me to "buy" a book as a frequent library borrower, but I must buy it this time; I needed a unique security code to access to a Web-based test called "Strengths Finder". The test is designed to tell you 5 strengths out of 33 strengths and consists of 180 questions in multiple choice. After the 30 minutes test, it will assess your 5 strengths. Let me illustrate some examples of strengths:
– strategic
– responsibility
– deliberative
– command
– … etc. (33 in total)

I found it was quite a novelty that this book tries to define people’s "strengths" rather than weaknesses. There are bunch of words to formulate weaknesses but not so many for strengths. That fact demonstrates how we have been more interested in weaknesses. However, as you see in the book, it is not necessary at all to remove your weaknesses to solve certain difficulties but you can make use of strengths to compensate weaknesses. Above all any, it normally takes a lot more time to eliminate your weaknesses rather than to improve your strengths. We only have a limited time for our life, so I would rather like to spend more time to make me more productive with my strengths.

One of the reasons why I find this test valuable and reliable is this test has a long development history for 30 years by a world renowned human resource company with processors in metrical psychology. Secondly, this company carried out the test with the most successful business people from different industries, and the results and analysis seem to me plausible enough that their "strengths" have been the key to success.

By the way, it appears that I have the following 5 strengths:
Discipline (Everything must be well-ordered)
Maximizer (I want to be in a top group)
Woo (=Sociable)
Harmony (I don’t want confliction)
Significance (I want to stand out from crowds of people)

I totally agree with the result, and I think I am lucky that I am in a circumstance where I can make use of them fully. Now it’s time to improve them more and more.

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