Cleaning rooms pollutes the earth?

I and my wife did the big cleaning in our rooms last weekend. The first thing you do in cleaning is to throw things away. So after pulling all clothes out from closets, there was a tremendous amount of clothes and shoes which were not in use for the recent two years. We decided to say “Good bye old clothes.”

Now I wondered if you can do the same in the next generation. Because I know that processing garbage by putting them in landfill cost reasonably high. How many people on the earth care about the space occupied by such garbage? I suppose, most of the masses and even politicians are indifferent to the problem, even though more and more land is occupied by the landfills. I guess such a new era will comes to real all of a sudden; “Buying a T-shirt costs $10, returning a T-shirt costs $20”.

The aim of producing new goods constantly is to have better world to human beings. Throughout the whole history, we’ve made a lot of technological innovation and we’ve become more and more productive. If you look back the people 100 years ago, cars are such luxurious products for the richest people but now more than half of Japanese households possess their own car.

We became richer, but we have smaller space. During the human development, we haven’t cared about the old products which are under-promoted to garbage/waste. This is kind of a tradeoff, or this downside can be considered as cost needed for innovation: is it principally true? I don’t think necessary, because there are some ways of reusing, recycling old products (2 out of the “4R” principle) but simply we have not been cooperative to that aspect.

While I am writing this blog, I started to be obsessed with finding out a new business model to accelerate the 4R. Very challenging task for all human beings. … after I googled, it turned out there are several services for this aim. They are not yet popular with many people though, I hope they catch on.


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