Travel notes – Ishigaki, Okinawa – (1/2) 旅日記

Day 1 – Prologue: anxious about the weather –




We were strongly discouraged from seeing blue skies in this trip. The 7 day weather forecast in Okinawa region did not have any single sun symbol but cloud or rain symbols. To be honest on one hand I had anticipated this situation when I decided on the trip in low season (#), but on another hand I had believed in good luck I usually have.
(#) June in Japan is rainy season across south to Mid-north Japan.

It was a 3 + 1 hours and 2500 km trip to Ishigaki island. We made a transit in Okinawa Naha airport, and from there we got on another smaller aircraft to Ishigaki airport. As I said, it was June and passengers in the airplanes are very few. Getting off the aircraft around 20:00 and the humid and hot air outside welcomed us, which recalled the memory of Bali or Shanghai but the difference is that it is in Japan.

We had decided to eat something Okinawa local at the fist night. Tuna is the most desirable food for my wife but unfortunately the local restaurant we wanted to go was crammed with local people. I was so hungry so we switch the direction to a next restaurant.

The beer taste is slightly weaker than normal Japanese beer brands’ ones but good enough for my dry throat.

Lots of fried shrimps (~ 30 pieces) cost just 450 yen (~6$), which would cost triple in city. Shrimp is one of major fishing industries in Ishigaki.

Go-ya, a type of bitter squashes in Okinawa, tastes decent bitter. I liked it very much.

Day 2 – 竹富島での静かな空の劇場 –
Day 2 – Arts of cloudy skies in a small island-












Taketomi island, a tiny island with diameter 2 km length, is our travel destination from the central island Ishigaki. Taketomi is popular with domestic and international tourists for its traditional architectural village. However, what most moved me was not the village itself, but the virtue of real nature.

First of all, we went down to Kondoi beach, where light blue ocean sparkled even in a cloudy day. The next residing beach Kaiji has unique formed sand (actually not sand but kind of seashell) looks like stars.

We came over to what I think the most beautiful place on the island – the west wharf. There was silent except the whisper of birds, and the sound of winds and waves. It is said that the sunset there is the most beautiful scene of the place, but I don’t believe so: the sunset clouds. It was like a cinema show. The light blue clouds started to gain the power of sunlight, and it got orange. The orange color was strengthened more and more but the surrounding clouds in contrast wanted dark blue. In the ending, the only opening window to the sun got smaller but brighter and it was perfectly reflected on the sea surface.

The whole sequence of the scenes remained in my mind for long. Needless to say, I woke up at 6 o’clock the next morning to see another face from the west wharf. It was also beautiful.

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