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It’s kind of a standard way of promotion that local newspaper distributors send a sales woman to each house in their area to look for new customers. I got the visit the last year-end and they offered us a free trial of one week subscription, and I agreed on that.

After the one week, I came up with two main reasons why I should not sign up for the contract.

1. I don’t read newspaper on weekdays
There are more things to do in the morning, such things like studying chess, English proficiency, economics… etc.

2. Not deserve the money
It costs about 3,000 JPY (~ 40USD, 20EUR). Unfortunately, it just did not worth what it actually costs. So I am not saying the newspaper was boring rather fun to read. But considering the benefit I can get from the newspaper, which I eventually can find it in the Internet, I could not find any plausible reasons for paying that amount of money.

Even though I turned down the contract request, during the one week, I signed up another regular-basis magazine subscription: Bloomberg Businessweek.

I’ve come to know about the magazine in San Diego, when I was on a business trip there last November. While I was waiting for the flight in the airport, I wanted to spend some time reading a magazine from local. Bloomberg was one of the good one in terms of pricing and my interest. I like business, financial topics so got a deal. Throughout the airplane travel, I either talked with the next old man from Columbia or read the magazine, or slept. So it was a really nice $5 magazine to get to know the world economy and the trend.

The topics covered in each issue is really wide. From fiscal cliff to how to behave in office parties, and an unusual ironman event in Hawaii for executives. I by no means can read it quickly rather spend considerable amount of time a week to go through each article, however, this is a very good habit during the 1.5 hours train trip every day between home and office.

So if you are interested in it, I would recommend you to have it like me. It just costs 46$/6months, i.e. about $2 a week. Oh, cheaper than in the U.S. kiosk…

Last tips: However, don’t use Nikkei for your Bloomberg distributor, they are ripping Japanese readers off so you would need to pay about double for them to get the same Bloomberg.

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