Complexity is fun but difficult

Not that long ago, we thought big data was around the corner.

But what happens now is that, much of the time, the output is equally complex. Computers can help us process the data; design can help us express it.

by genome scientist Martin Krzywinksi

In my job, I also work with a vast volume of data (not as difficult as genome science though). We all know that we don’t need to understand the whole, but from time to time, we need to spot the most important part of the entire system to accomplish particular tasks. Something that cuts across borders of anything and generate encapsulated information that characterized the system is useful. One of the great examples are software versions in software engineering, and another example might be design in natural science, as the author suggested above.
So recently I’m always trying to figure out, from which aspect can a complex system be well illustrated. I might be able to understand a complex system a little more than others if I spend time on that, but not everybody does. How can I deliver complex information in a nutshell most efficiently? This is an endless problem.

From my curiosity, I’ve visited the author’s website and found that how the graphs are formed is difficult, but I feel some sort of beauty from them. I don’t have any idea at all whether this picture is useful for anybody, but people are just struggling with the complexity, I guess.

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