Looking back the first year half 2013

At the time of this writing, I am sitting on a park bench nearby my wife’s parents home. She has been here since the beginning of April to take everyday’s housework burdens away from her and the baby inside her. I am also here for two weeks from now on to not to miss the moment of a new life start and to take care of him and the mother in the very beginning. It will come within a next few days.

I can imagine how my daily life will change when he comes at home. I could ill afford to spend a calm morning time regularly. He will wake me up any time, whereas sleeping is one of my most priorities of a day. However I am responsible for raising him, and that is the priority. I am looking forward to hold him in the arms and let him sleep. I am really looking to teach him how life is beautiful but sometimes irrational. I am well prepared for answering all of "why" questions he will give to me.

Now I realized that the blog title I’d given 10 minutes ago, and what I actually wrote about appear to be different. In some sense, it is not so accurate because I’ve put quite an effort on chess study which made me 1300-rating player from 1100 player, and I’ve been regularly reading Bloomberg Businessweek still to catch up with the latest trend in world economy and politics. There are still some other things which I’ve been doing. However it just didn’t come out from my mind in the first place cause I cannot help wishing my wife and the baby to smile happily in a very close future.

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