Article review on Bloomberg: “What the Web didn’t deliver”

Do you think the Internet generated big money? I believed so, but now I am convinced that it is actually not true, I had illusion about the Internet as virtue of everything, including economic prosperity.

–> "What the Web didn’t deliver"

I would like to support and argue the author’s statements one by one from 3 different perspectives.

1. Total expenditure of each person remains the same — Agree

As far as I look at my wallet, well, I rarely buy expensive electrics, I spend much on transportation, and traveling, but buying does not have to be in the Internet, even though online shopping makes it far easier than without.

2. Does not make much of a difference in reducing unemployment — Agree

In Japan speaking, we have nasty job application system which mixes the downside of manual work and the downside of digital work. Students spend hours on completing Web application forms and print out the form and send it again via post to human resource department with beautiful handwriting. However neither companies nor students feel happy about that, I assure it.

3. People’s productivity is equalized by positive and negative aspects i.e. same — Disagree/Agree

Using the Internet, it requires less time to reach information, but only if you don’t surf. This article shows some data about typical workers in the US. like majority of them spend much time on online-shopping or YouTube or some X-rated pages. However I believe the time amount you saved thanks to the Internet and the opposite is not equal, but the Internet is more beneficial than harmful. Even such ‘waste of time in surfing’ is really not waste, but it helps people to relax their brain and keep their sanity healthy.
I remember there was a study relatively widely cited…

"Surfing the Web is a cheap form of entertainment."
That’s really true for me. Overall speaking, this article was  really not academic, it was really not based on factual information. But many of his statements sound more or less reasonable for me, and was fun to read.

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