Mobile phone: You do not need an expensive? Yes, I really understand you.

(I think it is no problem to clarify that I am an engineer at a mobile phone company, unless I leek some confidential information…)

Some people buy a mobile phone just as a communication gadget. They will need such functions as

  • Telephone (of course)
  • SMS (now necesarry function. Email in Japan)

Here comes a question.


"I don’t need an expensive mobile phone with MP3 player and a high pixel digital camera (Like mine, Left picture 🙂 8.2MegaPixel Cybershot built-in.)

. But why mobile phone companies keep developing new products?"

I will tell you what, an answer, as far as I have understood until now.


Mobile phone companies including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola are trying to expand in your life style using their products. We (I say here not THEY but WE) would like you to accept these highly developed new gadgets with all multimedia features. You cannot live without a mobile phone now, right?  Therefore you will have it in your bag/pocket always. We have focused on this fact. Then we attach new useful features on it, so that your pocket will have more free spaces. Why not?

I think that the basic answer.

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